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Trasporto Passeggeri Pavia Milano Bolzano

Passenger transport

  • Private helicopter flights in Italy
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  • Private helicopter flights abroad
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  • Business flights
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  • Night flights

Tourist flights

  • Tourist flights
  • Scenic flights
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Trasporto Passeggeri Pavia Milano Bolzano

Aerial work

Cargo transport

The cargo hook can be used to transport material to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. It can also be used to position pylons, poles, antennas, grids etc. with a high degree of precision.

Helicopters can reach their unloading locations extremely fast, saving both time and money. Working with helicopters also averts the need to change the surrounding environment as is so often necessary when positioning bulky and heavy cranes, erecting temporary scaffolding or providing access for heavy vehicles.

Aerial intervention types with helicopters

Discover the types of interventions that we are able to perform

  • Transportation of external loads and supplies to shelters
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  • Work with the barycentric hook
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  • Stringing Cables
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  • Mounting and installation of Cableways
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  • Other services
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at sea level

Material transport of external loads using a barycentric hook - up to 1400kg per single load.

4 Bases

Lombardia, Veneto , Trentino-Alto Adige

We own 4 helicopter bases in northern Italy

Italy & Abroad

Our services are available in Italy and abroad

Assistance and maintenance helicopters pavia milano piacenza bolzano vipiteno

Assistance & Maintenance

Lavoro con drone pavia milano piacenza bolzano

Professional Drone works

The Drone, provided with Enac certificate is at your disposal for filming videos, photos and other services. Discover all the services available


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The sky is our passion

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We Are Proud To Work With

Protezione Civile Pavia Elicotteri Bolzano Milano

Our Bases

Arena Po (PV) / Vipiteno (BZ) / Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) / Merano (BZ)

Base Arena Po


Via Cascina Fabbrica 31/a
Arena Po (PV)
45° 04' 03" N - 9° 22' 31" E
Phone> +39 0385 272117
Radio Frequency 128.45

Base Vipiteno

Trentino Alto Adige
Phone: +39 335/6735346
Via Passo Pennes,
Vipiteno (BZ)
46°53'04" N 11°25'40" E

Base Cortina


Phone:+39 335/6358570
Località Fiames
Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
46°34'28.34" N - 12°06'56.39" E

Base Merano

Trentino Alto Adige

Phone:+39 335/6358848
46°42'32" N 11°12'12" E